Lapp Project

Job Name: Lapp Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall and Step Installation

Year Completed: 2020

Main Category: Retaining Walls

Approximate Cost: $9,000

This was a unique project. Those of you that are familiar with the town of Quarryville’s history will remember the old bridge / tunnel for the Enola low grade railroad over Rt 222. When the bridge was removed, Mr. Lapp was able to secure a pile of the large rectangular boulders that the brigde was constructed with, And for years they simply sat on a pile at the edge of the woods. In the summer of 2020, Mr Lapp asked if we would be interested in building a retaining wall below his pole barn using these blocks. After we realized that we would still have leftovers after building the wall, we decided to have 7″ thick slabs cut off these boulders by a local stone yard, and then constructed the steps using those.

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