Little’s Stormwater Project

Job Name: Little's Stormwater Project

Stormwater Mitigation, Permeable Paver & Excavating Work

Year Completed: 2023

Main Category: Unique Projects

Approximate Cost: $17,000

This project was done for the Little’s during the summer of 2023. This property sits on the side of a fairly steep hillside and the concrete path shown in the photos was installed by the previous owner as a means to access the upper area of the property. Over the past few years, stormwater from this area of the property was slowly starting to erode some of the flowerbeds, Including a bed with a large pondless waterfall build by Esh Lawncare in 2021.

So to solve this problem and make the path a bit more functional, The excess soil along the side of the path was removed and a riprap stone border added, Adding additional room for the homeowners to take a trailer to the upper area when needed. And at the top of the path, Turfstone Permeable pavers were installed over a clean stone base to stop any additional erosion and divert the stormwater away from the path and other landscaped areas.


Materials used on this project;

1000 Sq ft of Keystone Turfstone Pavers

31 Tons of Clean Stone

10 Tons of Riprap Stone


Enjoy a few Before, During and After photos of this project

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