Little’s Pondless Waterfall

Job Name: Little's Pondless Waterfall

Pondless Waterfall and Landscaping

Year Completed: 2021

Main Category: Water Features - Landscaping

Approximate Cost: $20,000

This project was compleated in the fall of 2021, The Little’s had asked for ideas on making an overgrown bank on their property easier to maintain and more visually appealing. This bank is the first thing you see when you come in the driveway to the house, So it was a perfect spot to really create something unique. Ben suggested a pondless waterfall with new landscaping and thats what we ended up installing.


Details about this project;

The elevation change from the top to bottom of this falls is 8-9 feet

The boulders used were sourced from a local farm that just happened to have a pile of very nice rocks at the moment (Approximately 20 tons used)

The pump is a 7000 gallon per hour pump

Blue Thumb Pump Vault and Falls Box were used

Amp Lighting products were used for the landscape and falls lighting


Enjoy some before, During and After Photos Below

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